As of today, I have received evidence that 23 Texas counties, in their entirety, are open range. These counties have sent me a letter stating that, as of the date of the letter, they are unaware of any stock law having been passed in their county. These counties include:

Andrews, Callahan, Camp, Childress, Collin, Cottle, Ector, Hemphill, Jeff Davis, Kenedy, King, La Salle, Loving, Midland, Navarro, Oldham, Palo Pinto, Reagan, Schleicher, Shackleford, Stephens, Sterling, and Throckmorton.

We have evidence that other counties have enacted stock laws for part of the county, but not the whole county. Therefore, some other counties are partially open range. Some counties are closed range as to some types of livestock, but open range as to others. 

There may be more open range or partially-open range counties than the ones I’ve mentioned. We are still collecting stock law evidence. As of today, we have evidence from 234 of the 254 counties in Texas. For more information, see my post entitled Compilation of Texas Stock Laws. If you would like a copy of an open range confirmation letter or a stock law that we have on file, please call 979-229-9718 or send an email to Rick Rowe. Please do not contact Alison Rowe or Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP with respect to stock law copies, as these requests are not being processed through our office.

**Even though most stock laws were enacted at the turn of the 20th century, a county’s stock law or open range status could change at any time. Therefore, please contact the county to confirm that our evidence is still current before relying upon it.**